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  Unique technological features of Holotech

     Holotech makes possible more clear and bright hologram image by its unique technologies of
   processing both embossing and coating in one process simultaneously.
     It also boasts of its high productivities by operating the wideband equipment (60" width ) which
   exceeds current limited master shim production technology.
     ΆΒ Patents acquired :
     No.0337808 (The production method of heat and pressure resistant wideband hologram master)
     No.0337809 (The production method of the plastic shim of the wideband hologram)
   * No. 0337808   * No. 0337809
    Adoption of the security technology of the pattern hologram
     Instead of using built-in images of current sticker type security hologram, users' design and
   their management numbers are thermal-transcribed in pattern holograms Security-algorism
   programs are used for thermal transcription and it requires precise adhesion technologies
   in the stage of hologram coating.
     By applying this technologies, it reduces the risk of producing
   master slims and over-production and makes possible the
   adoption of a wide range of security technologies to prevent
   counterfeit and forgery.
   A variety of application technologies are under development
   with its accumulated holotech technologies.
    Eco-friendly improvement of the production facilities
     Holotech is co-developing the eco-friendly facilities with
   the cleanpia company(www.solmoa.com) which meet the
   environment standard by retrieving and purifying various
   volatile solvents such as MEK, toluene coming out of the
   hologram production process.
   By improving the workers' environment, Holotech leads
   the production of eco-friendly facilities which reduce the
   air pollution and noxious working environment.
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