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Company Introduction

  Mar. 2000 Establishment of Holotech corporation (Nam-dong industrial complex, Inchoen)

    Aug. 2000 Completion of wideband equipment by its own technology (44 inch width)
    Feb. 2001 Factory movement to Kwangju, Gyeonggi-do
    Nov. 2002 Patent acquired related with Hologram
    Nov. 2004 Completion of 2nd wideband equipment (60 inch width)
    Dec. 2005 Produced over 10 million square meter total in 5 years
    Mar. 2006 Completion of wideband rewinding-slitting machine (60 inch width)
HoloTech Corp. 110-2 Younsu-ri, Chowol-Myon, Gwangju-Shi, Kyeonggi-Do, South KOREA (463-760)  Tel: 82-31-768-5817  Fax: 82-31-768-5816

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