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Since its establishment in 2000, Holotech has focused on the field of hologram and has been the leading supplier of the hologram products in Korea.

Through its continuous technology development and improved productivities, Holotech is leading the industry with its various patterns of the broadband hologram and provides a variety of hologram products to the world with its world-class competitiveness.
With its accumulated know-how and the state-of-the-art equipment design technologies, Holotech will continue to be positioned as the leader in Korea and the largest supplier of the hologram products to the world market.
We wish your continuous support and patronage.
Lim Ki-Tak       
President / CEO       
Holotech Co., Ltd.       
HoloTech Corp. 110-2 Younsu-ri, Chowol-Myon, Gwangju-Shi, Kyeonggi-Do, South KOREA (463-760)  Tel: 82-31-768-5817  Fax: 82-31-768-5816

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